It's that time of the year again — today's the day for the oldest established permanent floating Girls Gone Wild episode party, the "Jobbie Nooner." The "Nooner" is the annual party surrounding Gull Island, a small island at the tip of Harsen's Island in the St. Clair River. The island's only accessible by boat, wave runner or as we've seen before in a totally worst case scenario — an inflated inner tube. The "Nooner" party features topless women hopping from boat to boat, collecting beads "Mardi Gras" style as they dance and strip...

...on boats, drunken males pissing into the Lake and fistfights between drunks at dusk. Basically, it's the Michigan Mardi Gras. So what's it got to do with the auto industry? We'll let our friend Croaker explain:

"We designed the cars for the big three. We took the "3-D" ideas of the design studios and turned them into "2-D" drawings for the tool shops to make. It was a sort of an art form and we got paid well...Jobbies were an exclusive group. We could go from job to job and we would always know someone. When times were good a person could jump from one job to another every six month's for a few more dollars an hour. We bought big houses, had big boats and fast cars. There are still big bi-annual boat parties on Lake Saint Clair called "Jobbie Nooners". A "nooner" was a common practice back then. Pulling a nooner meant you were not going to come back from lunch. Try doing that at will on a job today."

Croaker's got more of the tale to tell over at is corner — check it out. And if you're there today — remember — take some pictures for those of us who are left behind at the job.

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