Andy Richter Kills Smugness, One Prius Driver At A Time

Wow, Andy Richter, you just went from being Conan's bitch to American Hero in one quick film. If you consider Michael Douglas in "Falling Down" a hero. We know we loved the rocket launcher.

Admit it, you've wanted to do exactly what Andy does in this video many a time over, you just don't have cojones as big as his. You're a little wimp, just like that Nissan driver.


Also, we can't figure out if this is making fun of the Toyota Prius, the Hyundai Elantra, the Nissan Sentra, or all three, all we know is that it's funny and features wild number inaccuracies.


"Smugsmugsmugsmugsmugsmugsmugsm...." This shit is boring and you guys suck. The bottom line is, all you Prius haters hate automotive technology. You don't like cars, you like car nostalgia. "Jalopniks" indeed! More like a retirement home full of bitchy old Grandpa Simpsons.