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Car concepts tend to be a stretch, sure, and they often don’t make it to the road in their full-fledged concept form. But this concept that Rinspeed plans to take to the Consumer Electronics Show is almost too much. Yes, you are seeing that photo correctly. That is a freaking garden in an electric car.

Rinspeed is particularly good at taking weird concepts to showrooms, and just being weird in general. In 2015, they introduced an autonomous concept that looked like a BMW i8 and had its own drone. In 2007, they planned a glass roadster concept for the Geneva Motor Show that was actually made of plastic.


As for the garden car, Rinspeed calls it the “Oasis.” We at Jalopnik have covered the Oasis before, with a lot of praise for its ideas toward autonomous driving. Then, we learned that someone could hop out and care for their succulents at a stoplight. (Don’t do that.) The folks at Rinspeed seem thrilled about the garden, with the press release on the Oasis calling it the “ultimate eye-catcher ... with enough space for growing radishes or even little Bonsai trees.”

Oh, my.

If you can get past the garden, the car has self-driving technology and displays that will tell those inside when a light will turn green. Rinspeed says the garden is only one of the aspects that “creates a new living space in the interior of the car,” with the Oasis also having armchairs and a television.

The car can be privately owned or shared, coming with a ride-hailing app that allows users to choose from available vehicles based on the passenger who’s inside. No joke—the person hailing the ride selects a heart on the person they’d like to ride with the most.

Well, this has all been quite weird. Here are some photos and a video of the car, if you’re a fan of traveling with your small plants:


You stay you, Rinspeed.

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