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Last Friday, on his way home from work, one guy in London got into a little street-racing action (Jalopnik does not condone illegal or dangerous driving behavior of any kind, right legal team?) on London's M40 with a guy in a royal blue Honda NSX.

so im tailing it, and i pass it cos of traffic,(yup, traffic on my private land) i get a glance, and thought, hmm, he looks familiar, he passes me cos of traffic, and now im sure i deff know him. so now im trying to pull up next to him. by now, partial throttle isnt an option. he floors it off the (drag) lights, i chase, stick with him upto end of 4th. cant get side by side with him. too busy (on my own land!!!!)

get to an open stretch, both gone for it, still on his ass, cant shake me. i back off as were approaching 3 figure marks and to the end of my private road. i start braking, but he aint, even my anticipated point of braking had i been going all out, he still aint braking, boy does he brake late!!!!!!

we both slow and we roll off my private land, and back onto the traffic ridden streets of london. by this point, i stil aint pulled up next to him to have a chat. suprisingly/luckily, he pulls off the same exit as me.

onto the slip road, and i finally get to pull up next to him.

we roll down our windows, and he gives me the thumbs up, u wont believe who it was...........................................


Lemme guess. Honda Racing's Jenson Button? You mean he won twice? [Thanks to Donovan for the tip.]

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