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Remember when Nissan crammed a GT-R drivetrain into the bug-eyed Juke crossover and hilarity ensued? Well, they gone done it again folks. With an extra fifty horsepower. This Juke-R Nismo will be to be raising hell at Goodwood on June 25.

The difference between a Nissan GT-R and a GT-R Nismo is a big dose of extra batshit, and yes I promise you can feel it in your foot. Also heart, and soul.


No official details on the Juke-R Nismo yet, other than “it’s coming.” But logic, if you can apply that to a crossover with a supercar powerplant, dictates this wacky-faced thing will indeed get the same sub-600 horsepower monsterengine we’ve played with in the GT-R Nismo and be way harder to drive than its little brother with “only” the standard GT-R powerplant.

I love the Juke. I love the GT-R Nismo. This should be... interesting. Nissan might not be your favorite automaker, but you’ve gotta give them credit for having a great sense of humor and the balls to experiment.

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