An 850 Horsepower Beast Is Nothing Compared To A 10,000 Horsepower Monster

You would think a 10,000 horsepower funny car drag racer would be fast. But only when you put it up against an 850 horsepower trophy truck offroader do you realize how unearthly fast it actually is my god in heaven.

This whole comparo was set up as part of a seat swap between professional baritone/desert racer Bryce Menzies and human projectile/drag racer Cruz Pedregon. Both tried out each other’s sort of demo cars and both did pretty well. Here’s the video and it’s pretty great:

But the best part is when Menzies and Pedregon face off on the drag strip in their pro cars, trophy truck versus funny car.


Menzies was pulling 10.5s, so they gave him a six second head start against Pedregon.

Pedregon has no trouble matching him to the finish line. His takeoff is a controlled explosion.

Watch how the cameraman recoils.

If you need me, I’m going to be watching this on repeat forever.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I’ve said this once here, and I’ll say it again: Nothing. NOTHING...compares to seeing a Top Fuel launch. Nothing. There is no car that is equivalent. 0-320 in 3 and a half seconds.