Amuse, Offend The Literate Gearheads In Your Life: You Are What You Drive

The mating call of the TVR owner? "I'd love to, but let's use your car." 24 Hours Of Lemons Chief Perpetrator has teamed up with racing artist Hector Cademartori to psychoanalyze… well, us.

Anyone who's read the 24 Hours Of LeMons rules knows that Jay Lamm has a twisted sense of automotive humor; a Stockton native who relies on a cage-equipped Alfa GTV as a daily driver for 10 years tends to end up a little funny in the head when it comes to writing about cars. No car- or car owner- is spared; everything from the AMC Gremlin X ("Only pretends that Pat Benatar 8-track collection is ironic") to the 1980 Ferrari 308 GTS ("Occupation: Celebrity assistant, porn stand-in [no face shots], co-owner of valet parking business). Just the thing for the thin-skinned obsessive car freak on your gift list!
[Amazon, thanks to Da Judge for reminding me about this]


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