American F1 Driver Alexander Rossi Will Race For Herbie

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Yes, the Love Bug.

Alexander Rossi (that’s him pictured above on the right) has been America’s on again/off again Formula 1 hopeful for what seems like a generation. But once more he has secured a seat in Manor F1 and will be racing this weekend in Shanghai’s night grand prix.

He will be racing as number 53. Why?


If you weren’t already rooting for Rossi, now you have no excuse. Anyone who gives a shoutout to Herbie gets some love in my book. Seriously, Herbie is even better than you even remember it to be.

Intriguingly, you might think that an American F1 driver would make a callback to some past famous American racer, but it’s actually Aussie F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo who has that covered. He races as number 3, yes, for The Intimidator.

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Ehhhh, I’m not sure you have a grasp on how issuing numbers works... or is this just some kind of sarcasm.

The numbers are owned by the teams that pay for them. It’s not like somebody just gets up and says; “I am going to race number 47!!”.

For all we know, number 53 was driven by the a previous driver like Baron von Schnappslapper.

Unless it’s owned by VW AG.