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America, Truck Yeah! Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

Illustration for article titled America, Truck Yeah! Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

Remember when we went into the current conflict abroad with, lets say, less than proper equipment for the guerrilla warfare situation our ground troops would find? Remember how the quick fix was to up-armor the existing Humvee's to protect the troops inside as best as could be managed? Well, this is a possible long term solution. Currently a contender in the bid phase for the contract to provide the next generation of light infantry and cargo support, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) is a whopping slice of armor toting badass. Sporting a V-hull design similar to the one found on the RG33L MRRMV, the JLTV offers protection and capabilities which would make the venerable old Humvee blush with envy.


The 16,000 lb JLTV is a joint effort between BAE and Navistar, whose International MaxxPro we saw at the Chicago Auto Show, to compete against as many as 8 other suitors for the lucrative contract. We can't show you the guts of this beast yet as there are trade secrets involved, but lets just say it's got some nice aces up its sleeve. Anyone else think it's funny how an eight ton vehicle is classified as "light". Given the pending demise of the Hummer H2, we're imagining a sea of these babies clapped out with 30" triple chrome Daytons, Alcantara headliners, 50" plasma TVs and complete daycares for the kids in back.


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I agree with a lot of you guys in seeing some Dodge in the front end. Ben, is this thing smaller than the H1, I really can't tell? I always thought the Humvee was too large a vehicle for it's original purpose.