The Rumors Of The Imminent Demise Of The H2 Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, It's Actually Dying In 2014

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Our earlier story on the demise of the Hummer H2 earlier today has shaken loose a few more details from inside sources and it turns out we weren't quite spot on with the kill date. It's actually 2014, not 2011. Here are the new details our previous story has shaken loose from the tree of knowledge that is the tower o' power in Detroit:

Initially, GM was planning a next generation Hummer H2 model built on the GMT-900 chassis for sometime in 2010. Internally, it was referred to as "GMT915." It was the next-gen chassis for the vehicle that GM has now decided to do away with.

The plans now call for the H2 to remain on the GMT-800 chassis, with significant refresh coming sometime between the latter half of 2010 and the first half of 2011. At this point, the H2 will be allowed to run its course and then die. That would put the H2 ending sometime around 2014.


So while the H2 is still going away eventually, our first story was off by a couple of years. We apologize. Serves you right for listening to a blog on "news" stuff anyway. Fercrissakes, we have a feature here called "Hoon of the Day."

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Rob Emslie


No one forces someone to smoke in public. No one forces someone to molest kids. Regardless, these are socially aberrant behaviors.

A ferrari getting 12MPG is much less impactful than the Hummer because there are only 6,000 Ferraris entering the market every year and 10 time that or more Hummers.

It is likely that the Ferrari will only see a few hours road time every week, while the Hummers are being used as daily drivers. I agree that ANY vehicle, fully laden is operating at its greatest efficiency, it seems to me that I mostly see Hummers with a single occupant. And I almost never see them in the car pool lane.

Most of us complain about the Hummer, while not comparable-mileage sports cars is because we are CAR ENTHUSIASTS. We like cars that go fast, hug corners and make women swoon. The hummer is none of these things.

What the Hummer represents is a moving chicane that I can't see around on the freeway. It's the vehicle that takes up two parking spaces at the store because it's too freaking wide. It's a stupid vehicle because it is less efficient in most every way (with the exception of approach and departure angles) from its source platform.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go a smoke a cigarette and head over to the Junior High; school's almost out.