Chicago Auto Show: International MaxxPro

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International didn't just bring it's super shredder semi, the International LoneStar to the show. They also brought the US Military's latest wheeled transport, the International MaxxPro. The imposing vehicle is basically a purpose-built mobile bomb shelter, capable of taking a hit from any direction, as well as fording bodies of water as deep as 36 inches, just for the hell of it. When we opened the door—or more precisely, tried to open the door—we had to abandon all all our stuff and put our weight behind the effort. The thick armor plated doors were almost as heavy as the ones on an old Mark VIII. While the Humvee is impressive in its general-purpose skills, this thing is just a plain beast. We want a test drive of the take home version. Any vehicle with gun portals gets an "A" in our book.


INTERNATIONAL MaxxPrO™ MaxxPro,™ the International® Mine Protected Vehicle. Built to withstand ballistic arms fire, mineblasts, IEDs, and nuclear, biological, and chemical environments that threaten the safety of its crew. Armoring flexibility allows upgrades to achieve the correct level of protection the mission requires. And International's proven severe service platform means quality, durability and reliability are on the battlefield. The International MPV. Miles Ahead. In protection and progress.

MaxxPro and Maxxpro XL Basic Specifications
Length: 254"- 282"
Width: 99"
Height: 120"
Wheel Base: 153"- 176"
Ground Clearance (Center of Vehicle): 14"
Ground Clearance (Differential Clearance): 11"
Angle of Approach: 58°
Angle of Departure: 46°- 48°
Gradeability: 70% low range
Side Slope: 30%
Mass Tare (GVM): 27,850-29,850 lbs
Payload: 3,650-11,150 lbs
GVWR: 31,500-41,000 lbs
Seating: 2-man crew plus 4-10 passengers
Configuration: 4 x 4
Turning Circle: 58'-68'
protection levels
Ballistic Protection: Armor and glass protection to meet mission needs
Mine Protection: Specialized 'V'-shaped hull design protects against mine/IED blasts
Make: International® I6 Diesel
Type: Turbo inter-cooled, direct electronic injection, four stroke
Displacement: 8.7 L (530 ci)
Emission Standard: EPA 2005
Maximum Power: 330 hp @ 2,100 rpm
Power/Mass Ratio: 18.9 - 20 hp/US ton
Maximum Torque: 1,150 ft-lbs @ 2,100 rpm
Batteries: 4 x 12-volt Batteries
Alternator: 400 amps
Other Features:
• Blackout lights
• Diamond Logic® Electrical System
Make: Allison 3000
Type: 5-Speed Automatic
Trans fer Case
Make: 4 x 4 Two-Speed
Steering System
Steering Type: Hydraulically assisted recirculating ball axles
Front Axle: 16,000 lbs - 20,000 lbs Drive/Steer
Rear Axle: 21,000 lbs - 23,000 lbs Drive
Springs: Semi-elliptical leaf springs
Shock Absorbers: Double acting telescopic hydraulic
Service Brakes: Full air brakes with ABS and traction control
Parking Brakes: Air-activated, hand-operated, rear axle brakes
Fording Depth: 36" without preparation
Wheels and tires
Rims: 10" x 20"
Tires: 395/85R20
Run Flats: optional


@michaelthemotorcycle: That's because they know they're outgunned and out-classed. They can either take the troops out with a surprise attack or they can run like hell.

I'm not in favor of the war in Iraq, but our soldiers are top notch in my book.