Alpina Celebrates 50th Birthday By Making Its Most Powerful V8 Yet

The best bespoke BMW manufacturers of the world already had a 198 mph car, but with the new Edition 50 models, they created a bunch of super sedans and wagons capable of rolling at 204mph on their iconic wheels. M5 who?

Alpina is the Ruf of BMWs, and since I drove one, I'm an absolute fan of their work. Be that a diesel wagon or an M3 killer, their interiors alone put them on a whole new level in the BMW universe.


With fifty years behind their back, Alpina will now build fifty saloons (or wagons) and another fifty coupes based on their B5 and B6 Bi-Turbos, using a highly revised V8 producing a whopping 600 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, making the Edition 50s the most powerful Alpinas ever.

The V8 is the 4.4 using Alpina's own turbos still located between the cylinder banks just like on AMG's new V8, providing up to 17 psi of boost. It's using a short intake system, the combination of a larger air-intercooler and two smaller water-cooled ones, a large-capacity oil radiator and fuel pump, light-weight pistons and a titanium exhaust system developed by Acrapovic that's 37 pounds lighter than the standard B5's stainless steel. And those 600 horses come with a two year BMW-endorsed warranty.

The 20 inch forged alloy wheels are also 34 pounds lighter per set thanks to having side cuts in each spoke, which is pretty cool considering that they are also wider: nine inches at the front and 10 inches at the rear.


Inside, you get black leather sports seats with yellow and black stitching and Forest Green quilting on the squab and backrest center sections. The trim panels are Piano Black with EDITION 50 and the signature of company founder Burkard Bovensiepen displayed in front of the passenger. A ‘1965 – 2015’ logo also appears on metal emblems on the seat backs, in the carpets and on the key ring, while each car’s limited edition number will be displayed on a production plaque on the center console and also on the reverse of the keyring.

The rest of the cabin is wrapped in as much hand-stitched Lavalina leather as you can handle , while the controls get a ceramic finish complementing the Alpina Blue instruments.


With prices staring at £86,850 in the UK, the Edition 50s will be available in Alpina Green or Alpina Blue, or in a bespoke Edition 50 Sepia created by BMW Individual.


I would get one of the wagons for the wheels alone...


Photo credit: Alpina

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