All The Important Cars In The Fast And Furious Series, According To The Guy Who Made Them

I can’t exactly say I’m a fan of the Fast and Furious movies. They tend to become just a little too idiotic and improbable in all the wrong ways, and hearing whatshisname talk about “family” makes me just a touch vomity. Still, the movies are full of some fascinating cars, and it’s great to hear about those. Especially from the guy who built them.

Wired has a nice little video of Dennis McCarthy, who we actually spoke to a few years back, at the launch of Fast and Furious 6, talking about some of the most iconic cars in the movie, and what makes them interesting.

Your big takeaway here is that Michelle Rodriguez is a fool for not appreciating a Jensen Interceptor. I hope her time with it in the movie changed her mind.


Look at her there, acting up a storm, pretending to like the car!

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