All Racing Should Be Piaggio Ape Racing

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If there’s a dumb thing you can do at a race track, particularly if it’s done at slow speeds, I’m one of the first people to jump up and volunteer as tribute. A number of years ago during an illicit middle-of-the-night golf-cart race around Road Atlanta, I recall dumping a little electric job on its side at perhaps no more than 25 miles per hour. I’ll drag a knee on a 50cc motorbike, or wind up on my hip with the bike sliding away from me for trying. And I would happily pick up the gauntlet for a Piaggio Ape endurance race were any of you ballsy enough to lay it down.

The team at Carfection have done exactly that. This race to determine which pair of drivers is the best of the bunch is an amazing idea, and I would like to use this metric to determine all future motorsport championships. Who cares if you can race a space ship around Bahrain the quickest if you can’t handle the analog sensation of a three-wheeled Vespa scooter in delivery trousers?

“I would recommend this to everyone, because it’s absolutely stupid and huge fun.”

We, as a society, need to remember that cars are supposed to be fun. When you take things too seriously, nobody has any fun. Have more fun with cars and car-adjacent three-wheeled scooters. Life is too short to not enjoy this shit.