Me, on the back of a very fast MotoAmerica Superbike, trying not to focus on the fact that two people were balancing on one wheel at this point in time. Photo credit: Kurt Bradley

There are a lot of motorcycles riding around at Circuit of The Americas this weekend, and I’ve got to say, they are really stressing me out. Do these people know how fast these bikes are? Do they know how scary it is to ride on the back of one? Do they know that they’re giving me flashbacks? Obviously they do not.


As can be expected when a person rides 170 mph on the back of a MotoAmerica racing bike, the experience is still fresh on my mind a month after doing it. And, because I’m in the media center for the MotoAmerica and MotoGP weekend out here at Circuit of The Americas, all I’m seeing are bikes racing around the same circuit I got volunteered to be terrified around.

The flashbacks just keep coming. I keep seeing myself, back out there, face too close to the asphalt for comfort and hands holding on for my dear life. I will not get over that thrill ride for a very long time.

Oh, great. Now they’re showing on-board footage—the “butt cam,” as our Stef Schrader likes to call it—on the big screen during practice. It keeps getting worse. Someone please save me from this nightmare of flashbacks.

I should not have come here. This was a mistake.