ALL Of Petit Le Mans Will Be LIVE At 11:00 AM EDT

You heard me correctly: the entire length of the Petit Le Mans race from start to finish will be broadcasted live on starting at 11:00 AM Eastern Time. Time to do exactly nothing all day long.

One of the best parts about endurance races is the ability to camp out in front of a screen for hours upon end. Nothing else going on? Nothing else to do? Want an excuse to do nothing? All ten hours of Petit Le Mans are being broadcast today, and they're all online so it doesn't even matter if you have the appropriate channel or not.


Your yard work, homework and/or any work that requires putting real pants on and leaving the house can wait.

Watch this space, or click "watch now" from the main homepage of

The green flag drops at 11:15 AM EDT. This is the inaugural season finale of the Tudor United SportsCar season. Many of the leading teams in the championship are less than ten points away from their nearest competitor, so between that and the ever-present chance for rain at Road Atlanta this weekend, it's anybody's game and very well could come right down to these last ten hours of racing.

As someone who is the bane of everybody's existence as long as there's access on something (anything) to 24 Hours of Le Mans updates every year, I couldn't love the new online broadcast option more. The NASCAR pros at the Motorsports Radio Network are still handling commentary for now, but the dedicated sportscar commentary staff that's coming in 2015 mean that it's going to be even better next year.


Fox Sports 2 picks up the broadcast from 3:00 PM EDT onwards, but let's be honest: there's so much action we're not seeing when we don't get those first few laps where everyone's still bunched together and settling into a good race position. That's half the battle: survive the crazy race traffic at the start!


This isn't one of the most famous races on the TUSC calendar for nothing. Road Atlanta is nothing short of epic and has been very, very wet on and off all weekend long.

With the season coming to a close, how do you think they've done so far? Talk it out in the comments below.


Photo credits: LAT Photo USA for IMSA

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