All Of Michigan's Cadillacs Are Belong To Will Ferrell And Woody Harrelson

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From the Freep today:

"A new Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson film will shoot scenes in Flint and Detroit this spring, and moviemakers are looking for 1970s-era cars and trucks and their owners.

Crews will be doing location shots in late April and early May for "Semi-Pro," a comedy that stars Ferrell as player, coach and owner of a Flint-based team in the 1970s American Basketball Association who is trying to get into the NBA...specific vehicles...include a white 1970 Cadillac DeVille convertible with a white interior to match a vehicle being used in Los Angeles, and an older school bus in some color other than yellow...moviemakers also might want delivery and beverage trucks or moving vans to hide things the director doesn't want filmed...

...vehicle owners can respond by e-mail to and should include the year and make of the vehicle, a photo if possible and contact information."

So basically, what — the production company...

...didn't want to pay the cost to ship the car out here to Michigan and they're looking to find some local yokel rube to part with his 70's Caddy for Woody and Will to make dick and fart jokes out of when they're here in town? Well, it sounds better than when Michael Bay came to town and started blowing shit up It even sounds like it could be a little fun. Aww shoot, where do I sign up — I'll help ya find yerselves a Caddy! [Hat tip to Chris!]


Filmmakers want Michiganders' old cars for Ferrell, Harrelson movie [Freep]


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I've talked to several people who have lent/rented their cars for media projects. Short version: I would rather gouge out my own eyeballs with a grapefruit spoon than let a film production asswipe get near my car.

ESPECIALLY for a music video.