All High-Performance GM Vehicles On Indefinite Hold

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GM has just disbanded its High Performance Vehicle Operations, putting all high-performance projects on an indefinite hold. This means no more new "SS" Chevys, V8 Colorado and V-series Cadillacs.


According to a report from Automotive News, there are no plans for high-performance versions of any of the company's upcoming cars. It doesn't stop current vehicles from getting high-performance variants — so rest assured all of you out there looking to buy a Camaro SS (Wert).

This is, of course, part of the Carpocalypse and GM's viability plan. Though this can be part of the GM of the future, this is part of the depressing GM of the present.

[Automotive News (subs. req.)]



General: please doctor give me the news, good or bad.

Doctor: we first have to do some cutting

General: what?

Doctor: You see this Saturn tumor, we have to take this out.

General: but will I live without it

Doctor: if was only for this reason yeah you could miss that. But

General: What but?

Doctor: there is this Pontiac thing also infected, we´d better take that out too

General: But doctor, I can´t live without my Pontiac.

Doctor: you could but there is more.

General: what more?

Doctor: you have to live without your high-performance stuff.

General: Ohh Nooo, how long do I have.... arrghhh..

Doctor: General, General, you still there.

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