Alcatraz TV Show Remakes Bullitt Chase With 2013 Mustang

The TV show Alcatraz knows how to do a season finale properly. For the end of their first season, they remade the infamous chase scene from Bullitt — shot-for-shot. Well, actually, they did throw in a few extra corners.


The cars are new, with a 2013 Mustang hunting down a last-generation Dodge Charger, but the streets are the same ones that McQueen bombed around back in ‘68.

Alcatraz is sponsored by Ford, and we have to say that this tribute is thousands of times better than Ford's last attempt at backing a retro TV show — the much-maligned, and thankfully dead, Knight Rider.


The Alcatraz season finale will air on Fox on March 26th. Remember to count the hubcaps.

(Hat tip to: Garth!)

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They've got the period appropriate Mustang, too. Filming outside my office in Vancouver with it a couple of weeks ago.