'Agent Of Satan' Pulled Over In Florida

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A woman pulled over in Florida claimed she was speeding because she was on a "hell mission." You can include Port St. Lucie police in your nightly prayers tonight for thwarting this agent of satan.


The Treasure Coast Palm reports that 50-year-old Tammy Rahn was doing 57 in a 40 zone last month. She admitted to drinking several beers and turned over her credit card when asked for her license and registration.

The police officer had told her why she was pulled over and her exact response was, "I'm on a hell mission. I gotta go. I need to complete this hell mission soon."


She was arrested on a DUI charge.

I'm just thankful that this servant of Ba'al Zəbûb was stopped before it was too late.

Photo Credit: Port St. Lucie police, Hieronymus Bosch (Christ's Descent Into Hell)

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