After 50 Years, Woody Edsel Wagon Still Laughs At Washington Rain

Apparently believing the Studebaker Champ pickup he shot wasn't quite rare enough, VintageRacer went back out on the Seattle streets and found this 1958 Edsel station wagon, equipped with the finest in Eisenhower Era woodgrain and surprisingly little rust. Make the jump for another gallery and VintageRacer's description.


With Los Jalops never ending love of all things station wagon, and some rare spring sunshine on Saturday, I finally was able to get some shots of the 58 Edsel that runs around the neighborhood. All the trim appears to be in the back, and the seats are a little(??) on the rough side. The windows were up, so there were some reflections when I tried to shoot the interior. A couple of camera issues left me shooting at the equivalent of too high an ISO, hence a little graininess, etc. Here you go:

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