Seattle Studebaker Champ Isn't Grungy At All

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After sending us some great action shots from Daytona, VintageRacer headed home to the Pacific Northwest, where he spotted this extremely rare Studebaker Champ pickup. He had to wait for a non-rainy day to shoot it (no small feat in Seattle), but it was worth the wait. Make the jump for more photos and VintageRacer's description.


So... the weather cooperated yesterday and got some shots for you. Couldn't get in to see the engine, but I believe it's a straight 6. It stays parked on the street in a Seattle neighborhood, gets driven every few days. It appears to be the original color - it's a little faded. Very little rust as well. The smoothside bed is interesting - I believe it's the original instead of a stepside.

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Rob Emslie

Huh, I notice that the gauges (fuel and temp) have the needles arcing in the opposite way from that of the opening- meaning the needles arc from top and bottom and the indicator band arcs from the center. Interesting.

I'll be that license plate would bring a cool million in the UAE.