Afroduck Is Live-Facebooking His Trial, Scheduled To Start Today

The trial of Adam Tang, aka Afroduck, was supposed to start today in response to his driving around Manhattan at an average speed of 66 mph, setting an unofficial record. He is live-updating his proceedings on Facebook.

So far there are only two updates, both from around two hours ago.

Still no trial room... courts move super slow. pretty heavy to see a guy sentenced to 25yrs to life though for shooting a kid in the back.

looks like no action today. courts won't open till 230 pm and then we only have 2hrs. not enough time to call pretrial witnesses it seems.


As a reminder, Afroduck is on trial for misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment and reckless driving.

A guilty conviction and a year of jail time could see Afroduck (a Canadian citizen) deported, but the recommendation the NYPD offered Afroduck of six months in jail if he pleaded guilty, would have the same risk, as the New York Times reported. Afroduck pleaded not guilty.


Photo Credit: Screenshot from record lap by Afroduck Productions

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