Illustration for article titled AFA Ends Ford Boycott, Apparently Didnt See Knight Rider

The American Family Association, an organization devoted to protecting families from reason and understanding, started a boycott of Ford for being too friendly to homosexual groups. Ford originally caved to AFA pressure though claimed they continued to support gay social events financially. The AFA claims Ford has reduced such donations and has ceased almost all advertising in gay publications. Ford, to its credit, claimed this was because they'd cut back on buying ads everywhere in light of their ongoing financial troubles and wants to treat everyone fairly. We guess they were having too much fun flipping through gay periodicals to read our Knight Rider live blog, which chronicled the night-long Ford advertisement and included a Lesbian/Bi Surf FBI Agent and a, ahem, close relationship between KITT and Mike (pictured on the left).


AFA is claiming a victory from the boycott, though we find everything they do to be a defeat for sensible Americans everywhere. International Herald Tribune]

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