When the Fiat-Chrysler global strategic alliance became a full-on merger, the incorruptible LeMons Supreme Court was prepared! Starting with the Goin' For Broken LeMons race in a couple weeks, we'll be changing Chryslers into Fiats.

Yes, if a LeMons machine started life as a Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Eagle, DeSoto, or Imperial, it's a Fiat now! Rebadged Mitsubishi? Fiat! Rootes Group during its period of Chrysler ownership? Fiat! Fargo truck? Well, we might make an exception for Fargos, on a case-by-case basis. According to the team list, that means that we'll see a 1995 Fiat Stealth, a 1994 Fiat Shadow, a 1989 Fiat Voyager Turbo, and a 1967 Fiat Fury III. I've made a big stencil featuring Fiat's Malaise Era logo, and we'll use it to proclaim the Fiatitude of those four cars. As an added bonus, the team that complains the most about this process will get an extra special rebranding treatment.


In other 24 Hours Of LeMons news, cheaters will be dismayed to find that Damon Lavrinc, Autoblog Road Test Editor and battle-scarred veteran of the notorious "Demolition Derby LeMons" of '07, will be putting on the LeMons Supreme Court robe and wig and joining me and Supreme Court Justice Lieberman at the Goin' For Broken race. Since he's already built and raced a LeMons RX-7, he knows all the cheating tricks, and we've got him on a jalapeño-and-elephant-tranquilizer regimen that will ensure that he'll be feeling mean by the time he starts inspecting cheatin' cheaters' cheat-packed cheatermobiles.