Oldest Car At LeMons: The Size Matters '67 Fury!

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What do you do with a beater '67 Plymouth Fury four-door hardtop with a 318? Why, you race it, of course! The Size Matters Fury came in 23rd in last weekend's 24 Hours of LeMons race at Altamont, overcoming its handling disadvantages thanks to a combo of driver skill and reliability. The team members claimed it got pretty good mileage, too. Jump like an Eclipse bouncing off a big Mopar's flank to see the Size Matters Fury gallery...



A buddy in high school had a Fury III, a godawful gigantic hole into which he poured gasoline and oil. It handled like an oil tanker, including leaving a slick wherever it went, but when he lost control and smacked into guardrails - this was relatively common, considering the roads and the car - the guardrails invariably lost. A little more spray paint to the fenders to prevent rust, and off he went.