Adorable Two-Year-Old Knows A Turbo When He Sees One

Meet the ultimate gearhead in the making — Tyson, who can spot a turbo and he's just two.


According to the uploader, his kid let out his turbo-appreciation completely off the cuff.

This is my 2 year old son hanging out with me and a few buddies around my car. First time I have ever asked him to show me where the turbo was at, he did pretty well.


We've always encouraged people to get their kids into cars, but this takes things to a new level. We bet he'll be building his own racecars in no time.

(Hat tip to SnapUndersteer!)

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I am the individual who is proud to call Tyson my son. I uploaded the video on my youtube account and local forum for family and friends to see rather than for any sort of publicity or internet sensation antics. To those who accuse this video of being staged or in any-way premeditated for publicity: it is my responsibility as the parent of this child's reputation to address those allegations. It truly was the first time I had ever asked Tyson to show me where my turbo was located. He has grown up around cars for the entire 28 months of his life, beginning when my wife and myself would take him to the drag strip when he was 2 months old. He is a very intelligent child and catches on to things very easily and quickly. It is impossible for me to go into a garage without him tagging along and getting his hands dirty, which is just fine with me as it was also the way that I was raised. As for the car in the video and those comments about the exhaust, that is my "racecar" as Tyson calls it, which has gone 11.2 seconds @129 mph on pump gas. Not bad for a 4-door with a baby seat in the rear :)

Thanks to all of you who have posted positive comments. Tyson does in fact have a power wheels, along with a ton of Hot Wheels (lol). His power wheel is actually going to get a car battery conversion over winter, full working instrument panel and color matched to my car. The car had been turned off a couple days so the exhaust was not hot. He does know better than to touch the car while its running as well as I would never allow him to be put in harms way. Thanks for your concerns and comments!