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Administer Laughing Gas To Your Police Interceptor?

As the owner of a P71 Crown Vic, I can say it's not exactly a quick car (though I'm still bummed that Ford is axing the civilian version). Oh, sure, the 4.6 has decent torque and moves two tons of steel well enough to get the job done… but what happens when you say "Damn the transmission, full speed ahead!" and jolt your Crown Vic's engine with a healthy shot of En Two Oh? Good stuff, that's what happens. Watch the before-and-after runs of drivers Kellydood and Quickvic to see (and hear) what I mean. Yes, this does give me ideas…


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If you're a savvy auction buyer you can pick up a low mileage P71 for under $3000 easily. I bought a 1998 just shy of 75k for $1500. Cheap enough to play with, and if you blow it up. You're not out a whole lot.