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Say It Ain't So: Ford to Axe Crown Vic, Report Says

Illustration for article titled Say It Aint So: Ford to Axe Crown Vic, Report Says

No matter that its dated appearance at Ford's auto show displays made it look like someone's grandfather was visiting — and had parked his car in the living room. The Crown Victoria is the last expression of a construct dating to the Eisenhower administration, and according to Ward's Auto, one soon to be mothballed. Ford's large, rear-drive municipal cruiser — Ward's sources say — will be eliminated from consumer lots the 2008 model year. Word is, it'll still be sold as a fleet car after that, though no word on whether it'll get a rumored style freshening. Send all condolences to The Society for The Preservation of 1979. (Thanks to Dave for the tip.) [Ward's Auto]


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The 1992 restyle attempted to differentiate the Crown Vic and Grand Marquis by giving them different rooflines, the CV got a small window behind the rear doors and an aerodynamic C-pillar, while the GM got a more formal, upright-looking arrangement.

When the cars were restyled for 1998, the '92 Grand Marquis' bodyshell was carried over for both cars, so everything between the A and C pillars on the Crown Vic still dates to 1992.