Acura NSX Recalled Because of Gas Tank and Brake Light Issues

Photo: Acura

Acura will issue recalls for nearly 1,000 NSX cars, the company announced Saturday, because a pipe connecting the vehicle’s two fuel tanks was installed incorrectly. That flaw could increase the risk of fire, Acura said, though no fires have been reported.

The recall affects 967 NSX cars from the 2017 and 2018 model years. Acura said that they will try to reach affected owners by phone, and will replace the fuel tanks to resolve the issue.


Acura also announced Saturday it will also recall 793 NSX cars from 2017 to replace the center rear brake light. Acura’s explains how the light could cause a cascading series of failures:

A short circuit may occur in the center high mount brake light, causing a blown fuse and deactivation of all brake lights. When this condition occurs, warning lights illuminate on the dashboard, and the engine will not restart after the ignition is turned off.

While not many people will be affected by these recalls, you probably have a recall that needs fixed on your car, so this is a good reminder to check. Don’t be a bum! Get your recalls fixed. Go to NHTSA’s website to find out if you have any outstanding.

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