Is A Lotus Evora 400 The Closest Thing To The Original Acura NSX?

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It’s strange to think about comparing modern cars with older ones because nearly all modern cars are bigger, heavier and usually more powerful. But when you compare a 1991 Acura NSX with a 2018 Lotus Evora 400, the line between the two gets blurry.

Matt Farah of TheSmokingTire got to try out both recently. His thesis: Is the Evora 400 the car for someone who wants the old NSX but with a modern flair?

Yes, there’s a new NSX around today. We like it a lot. Just like the original it’s a daily drivable exotic that uses the best technology of its time, but in the process of using that technology it’s become a heavier, all-wheel drive turbo hybrid. So the closest thing to the original NSX’s analog, V6 mid-engine manual gearbox thrills may in fact be a Lotus now.


It’s not quite original vs. original here, though. The one that Farah drove has been supercharged and is a track day toy. The steering is direct but twitchier than that of the Lotus. Turning radius isn’t that great, though.

The Evora 400 is actually comfortable and versatile for both track stuff and everyday jaunts. It’s also supercharged to have 400 horsepower. The pedal placement is ideal and it feels faster than the NSX. Turning radius is stellar. But internal visibility is poor.

However! For those who were disappointed that the new NSX didn’t have the simplicity that the old one did, maybe they shouldn’t be flipping through Acura brochures. Maybe they should instead cast their eyes to something British instead.

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Man I love the look of that Lotus... but in terms of quality and reliability for a daily-driver, the Acura/Honda NSX blows the Lotus (or any British car really) out of the water.