The drifting world is absolutely dominated by S-chassis Nissans and BMW E30s. Finnish drifter Teemu Peltola stands out with something a little different: a diesel-powered Mercedes station wagon. Here's a look back on his latest year in drifting.

If you're not familiar with Black Smoke Racing's drift wagon, it started life as a 1981 300D, and then got the diesel Merc hot rod treatment that Finland is should be famous for.

When Jalopnik last spoke to Teemu, his W123 Mercedes was putting out something between 414 and 450 horsepower. We don't know exactly how much power Black Smoke Racing has now, but judging by Teemu's drift angles, it's definitely enough.

All we can say is that the Black Smoke Racing drift wagon is the coolest feature of Finland's car culture since Heikki Kovalainen started ice fishing with his bare hands.