A Visit to Ridemakerz to Make Some Ridez

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Our new buddy Todd went to the Ridemakerz grand opening over the weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC. Apparently, he's the ideal customer — a dad who brought his two sons to get their customz awn! He reports:

I took my 2 sons and got a high-end package at $75 consisting of rims, remote control and special lights for one son. My other son opted for a free wheeling car with just the basics. He added some lights underneath and some rims for about $39.


These days, we bow to Ridemakerz assumed profit margins, but as wee Jalops, we'd have made a Frosted Flakes—fueled beeline for that place.

Build a Bear, Build a Car: New EnterTOYment Concept Taps Custom Rides [internal]


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Al Navarro


I'm no stranger to Myrtle, mind you. My brother lived in Dillon (home of classic road trip milepost "South of the Border") for a few years. I fondly recall earning a free pizza for a hot lap time at the old Myrtle Beach Grand Prix.

That said, I'm with Lascaux on the mall thing. And yes, I've been to Broadway at the Beach, it's a mall. A semi-upscale (it's not like they have a Gucci there or anything) outdoor mall. And it's just like all the other "cater to the tourists" places. They're generic, overpriced, and utterly common places, whether located in Myrtle, Orlando, or Pigeon Forge.

That said, I think it's pretty easy to hate on any retail concept that has a "z" in lieu of an "s", even it were to sell replicas of old "Le Manz" racers. Of course, it's all in good fun. To each his own.

But what's wrong with buying a good old Tamiya model and putting it together at home with the kids? I bet the performance of even the reissued Frogs and Hornets will spank anything from Ridemakerz.