A Visit to Ridemakerz to Make Some Ridez

Our new buddy Todd went to the Ridemakerz grand opening over the weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC. Apparently, he's the ideal customer — a dad who brought his two sons to get their customz awn! He reports:

I took my 2 sons and got a high-end package at $75 consisting of rims, remote control and special lights for one son. My other son opted for a free wheeling car with just the basics. He added some lights underneath and some rims for about $39.


These days, we bow to Ridemakerz assumed profit margins, but as wee Jalops, we'd have made a Frosted Flakes—fueled beeline for that place.

Build a Bear, Build a Car: New EnterTOYment Concept Taps Custom Rides [internal]

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