Build a Bear, Build a Car: New EnterTOYment Concept Taps Custom Rides

You can't swing an Aunt Anne's pretzel in a mall these days without hitting a Build-a-Bear workshop. If you've ever happened past on a Saturday morning, you know to sidestep the flailing elbows of tiny female urchins hopped up on marzipan and diet coke. But until now, their brothers (and fathers) could only look on as the plush debauchery unfolded. But a new form of product-based entertainment is set to draw in current and future car nuts (or nutz) of the male persuasion. It's called Ridemakerz, and it takes the BaB concept (it's part-owned by the Build-a-Bear people) into the realm of custom cars. Kids can pick out a chassis, body style and accessories (z) from which to build their custom job, which can be fitted with remote-control capabilities. The store even has a de rigeur alliance with Chip Foose. The first store is opening this week in Myrtle Beach, SC and there's another one destined for the Mall of America. Cool. Now watch those elbows.


After Build-A-Bear, Build-A-Toy-Car [The New York Times]

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