A Triumph of German Precision: Benz Sells 25th Million Car Since WWII

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Given that companies that survived the Second War were essentially given a reboot following the cessasion of hostilities, it makes sense that the brainchild of Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz is celebrating the sale of 25 million automobiles since 1945. So they are, having delivered their 25,000,000th vehicle (an E-Class) to a taxi company owner at the Sindelfingen plant. If only they'd done it in Accept's hometown of Solingen, and if only it was a reproduction of the AMG Hammer, we would be very happy. Regardless, happy brucetastic milestone, Merc. Now please just stop building stupid cars like the R-Class and go do what you do best: make people poop in fear whether they're inside the car or outside of it.


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I second that R-class emotion. The sooner that minivan dies the better. Nasty.