A Tesla Roadster Just Went 340 Miles Without Having To Charge Once

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The long-promised but yet-to-be-delivered upgrade to the Tesla Roadster is coming this year, and while Tesla still hasn't told its earliest adopters exactly when they can get the update or how much it cost, the automaker just completed a non-stop, 340-mile trip.

Elon Musk promised the Roadster upgrade last year and Tesla finally delivered a few details on Christmas, saying that through a combination of improved aerodynamics, reduced rolling resistance, and new batteries that the 3.0 upgrade would be good for nearly 400 miles of range.


According to Tesla, it used the lessons learned from the Model S to boost the Roadster's range, likely with new battery chemistry that goes above and beyond the current 56 kWh pack currently fitted to the now unavailable Lotus-based two-door.

In today's announcement, Tesla says its first outing in the upgraded Roadster had them traveling from the Tesla store in San Jose to the Santa Monica Pier, around 340 miles.

The trip was smooth, with no disruptions. On the highway, we set cruise control to stay right around the speed limit. We turned on the heater for a 40-minute stretch going over the Grapevine. And less than six hours from leaving San Jose, we pulled into the Santa Monica Pier, with 20 miles remaining in the battery pack.

A good first step. Now Tesla just needs to say when it's going to be available and how much it will cost.

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maybe this means they are working on a new sports car