A Subaru Legacy Just Put Legions Of Jeeps To Shame Off-Roading In Moab

What have you done with your truck lately, bro? That “Trail Rated” badge doesn’t mean jack if the wildest place it goes is the Whole Foods parking lot. Here’s a dude tackling the Hell’s Revenge trail in Moab in a lightly modified Subaru Legacy. Weep in shame at his mad skills, mall crawlers.

The trail starts off looking pretty simple—some steep slickrock but otherwise fairly standard grades. Then it gets tricky. Big, oil-pan-killing rocks show up to the party. Water covers the trail. Steep, bouldery rock faces barely look like a trail at all, but rather, just a collection of rocks to crawl down.


Oh, and one feature along the way—a crazy steep rock hill—is called the “Tip-Over Challenge.”* It’s known for doing exactly what it says on the map if you get it wrong.

Hell’s Revenge is rated a 6 on the Cruise Moab scale, which OppositeLock’s resident off-roading guru HammerheadFistpunch explains can include barely passable roads, steps up to 24", and water above 12" deep. Tall tires, lots of suspension travel, and ample ground clearance are recommended, as are traction aids such as lockers and limited-slip differentials.

Now we know: Subaru’s all-wheel-drive is a worthy traction aid device.

Fortunately for the Legacy, he has a meaty skidplate up front and a bit of a lift to help him through it, and he’s pretty smart about taking the right angles through obstacles to keep his lower-than-usual car from getting beached.

*Note: A reader more familiar with this trail noted that the video doesn’t show the Legacy attempting Tip-Over Challenge in the video. He does, however, attempt quite a few other steep hills and I’m still pretty impressed.

[H/T Enter The Fistpunch on Oppo]

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Well, that dude certainly has a rock-solid legacy to leave his kids.