Russian blogger and photographer Lana Sator has taken urban exploring to its rather frightening apogee when she sneaked inside the NPO Energomash factory, which makes liquid-propellant rocket engines near the Khimki Forest outside Moscow, and made her way to the top and the bottom of the abandoned-looking facility.

It’s a fascinating and very Sixties trip inside a giant and perplexing plant, made all the more poetic by Google’s transformation of her Russian into English: “The territory of [NPO Energomash] is very impressive in different aspects. First, on her at night there is no soul. That’s all anybody. And traces of human snow almost none.”

No traces of human snow, indeed, but a wealth of photos showing all sorts of obscure rocket-making equipment. You can see all off Lana’s photos in their trippy, high-ISO glory on her Livespace page.

Photo by Lana Sator. Hat tip to Scanzen!