What do you drive when you’re born in Le Mans and used to race cars? Since Group C prototypes are somewhat impractical on French roads, you go for something compact, naturally. Like a Renault 5 Turbo 2.

When you’re very familiar with the public roads known as Circuit de la Sarthe and your father works at Renault, it’s only natural that you end up driving a brand new R5 Turbo at the age of 10. Oh, the French countryside in the ‘80s!

From there, it’s a natural progression into rallying, and although most of the R5 Turbos were destroyed by trees, when the time comes that you need a good one, your guy will still find a prime example around sporting the right paint. Then, it will inevitably break down on the way home, but you’re a mechanic, so that’s fine too.

Christophe, his dog and that red firecracker got a visit from Petrolicious:

Now, all you need to practice is this.