A Real Ford GT at Half the Price: The Superformance SPF

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With the cheapest "Buy it Now" price of a Ford GT just below $150,000 — and the last GT having rolled off the Saleen Special Vehicles line back in September — what's a speed-craving cheapskate to do? They can write a check for around $70,000 to replicar builder Superformance, and roll out with a new SPF GT40 MKII A (sans engine, of course). Rather than wallowing in Ford's new tech, they'll be getting a car that's closer to the Ford GT's antecedent, the Le Mans-winning GT40. The Superformance car is built from the original blueprints drawn up by Ford Advanced Vehicles, the FoMoCo division responsible for the mid-60s racer. The SPF even comes with a driver-side "Gurney bubble" set into the pressed-steel roof, to accommodate the helmets of those, like big Dan, who happen to be tall in stature. As for the drivetrain, which will cost extra, might we suggest something in a 427?


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Al Navarro

Hopefully we won't see a tuner version of this car in a hoon-filled viral video anytime soon. The nice thing here is that you can slot in a 289, a 351 or a 427, IIRC. Perhaps without an airbox for more slurpy fuel gurgling sound and fury?