A Porsche 968 Won Something in The Year 2018

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Photo: WTAC

This will come as a welcome surprise to that one weird guy in your town with a yard full of transaxles, but a Porsche 968 won a racing event. It won this year.


The event was the World Time Attack Challenge down in Sydney and the car was the illustrious RP968, an open-class car with a $30,000 transmission and a design team that includes a former F1 engineer. The turbo four-cylinder Porsche engine has a flipped head and makes a “conservative” 800-odd horsepower, as owner Rod Pobestek explained a few years back.

A 1,500 HP billet version up to 4.0-liters has been built but was not used in the attempt. A nice walkaround of it is here:

And a cool walkaround of the aero is here:

Driver Bart Mawer, posted the fastest time of the event with a 1:19:825, just seven tenths off of Nico Hulkenberg’s 1:19.1 set in an A1GP single seater, and a few more seconds down from a full Red Bull F1 car. WTAC posted a full race report here, if you’re curious.

Finally, we all have proof that the 968 was clearly the best sports/GT ever produced. Never thought I’d say that, but 2018 has been a wild one.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


I’ve always thought the 944/968 was the greatest sports car ever made. I thought it was just me though so it’s nice to have incontrovertible proof.