A Much Cheaper Hybrid McLaren Is Reportedly In The Works

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Want the fearsome, high-tech hybrid power of the McLaren P1 but don't have $1.15 million just lying around? Never fear! McLaren has your back. The company has confirmed it's working on a new flagship to replace the limited-edition P1 that could be much cheaper.


And by much cheaper, I mean it will maybe have a $500,000 price tag, according to Car and Driver. Yes, that's exorbitantly expensive, but it's far less than $1.15 million. Hypercars don't grow on trees!

C&D confirms McLaren is working on the long-rumored P15, which could be a new top-model car to take the place of the P1 when its run ends. They say that hybridization is "likely" for the P15, even if it won't have the monstrous 903 horsepower the P1 has.

Another interesting tidbit: now that McLaren and Honda are buddies again like they were during the good old days of F1, McLaren may borrow some of Honda's hybrid technology for their future cars — all of which are confirmed to be mid-engine two-seat sports cars with a carbon-fiber structure.

So much for the hot hatch, huh?


Matt Hardigree

I too miss the idea of a hot hatch.