The McLaren P1 Is A Flame Spitting Supercar Ecstasy Machine

The McLaren P1 has a centrally mounted exhaust. And the times that it isn't spitting flames are rarer than the times it is spitting flames. Simply put, this is basically a car with a damn afterburner.

We've already seen Chris Harris have his time in the P1 at Yas Marina Circuit, but Evo also got a chance in the car at the same time. Is what Dickie Meaden says about the P1 appreciably different to what Chris says?


Nope. It's still a tectonic shift in the supercar.

Does that make this any less worth watching? Not at all. You do like loud supercar drift action and living vicariously through a British auto journo, right?

Thank Máté for the GIF at the top!



If I understand the physics (chemistry?) right, the flames are due to the super hot exhaust gases which still contain unburnt hydrocarbons and are hot enough to ignite but due to lack of oxygen cant, mixing with the oxygen rich atmosphere and re-igniting...anyone care to chime in?

Alternate theory - the car generates sufficient downforce to extract fire and brimstone from the very depths of hell and uses the exhaust as a dumping point.