A Model-T Off-Road? It's Going Much Further Than That In All Cars Go To Heaven 2

Matt Farah and his gang of miscreants at The Smoking Tire have made a sequel to their road-trip epic All Cars Go To Heaven and it’s coming out on Christmas. This trailer is a peak at “what you do when there are no adults around,” and you’ve got three terrible but wonderful cars for an 819 mile road trip from hell.

Beautiful, conservative Utah will be the backdrop for All Cars Go To Heaven 2, in which The Smoking Tire team will show us that all cars die, but only a few truly live.


This movie basically looks like exactly what you and your buddies would do with a few days off work and a few cars you wanted to... kill. Which is exactly what makes it so much fun to watch. The trailer, at least. I’m looking forward to the full-fat copy that will be downloadable on December 25th.

Might be just the ticket to kill a few hours after your holiday family gatherings devolve into drunken bitter screaming matches! That’s normal, right?


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Model T on-road..................back in the day.