A Major Monday Meijer Dilemma: Fill Up For Cheap Or Help Out The Environment

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With the mercury rising into the 90's, today's the first ozone action day of the year in Southeast Michigan. Coincidentally it's happening just as prices are beginning to rise, which according to AAA's Michigan office, the average price for a gallon of regular rose by a penny — to hit $3.04 today. Which is why the Detroit News is cluing us in on an interesting AM dilemma. Bargain box store Meijer making the move upward this afternoon as well according to text alerts sent to consumers in the area that they'll be pumping up the price at 1:30 PM at a local area store. Seems like you'd expect a flood of locals to hit the station during lunch break. But the wrinkle is because today's an ozone action day, you're urged not to fill up your tank until after 1:30 PM. Thus the dilemma: ignoring for a moment how dick it was for Meijer to pop up prices on an ozone action day — do you fill up on the cheap this morning before the price change, or do you wait until after the EPA says it's best for the area to fill up, but feel a lighter pocketbook because of it? Talk amongst yourself below and let us know what you'll do.

Drivers' dilemma: Beat gas price hike or help environment? [Detroit News]

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