Allstate's rewarding the city of Warren, MI for its improvement in their national ranking of safe drivers with 20,000 gallons of free gas โ€” to be handed out today in ten gallon fill-ups to any and all comers. The insurance company studied the driving records of residents of cities across 'merica and found Warren residents saw the average length between when they've filed accident claims increase by between 2 and 3 years โ€” bumping them up to 13.3 years between smash-ups. We hear it's an absolute madhouse down at the corner of 13 Mile and Mound Rd for the gas giveaway with traffic congestion at levels not seen since the Big Boy Restaurants International headquarters "Great Beef Giveaway" back in '87. Late at night we can still remember the screams for more Slim Jims.

Drivers line up to collect reward for safety in Warren [Freep]

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