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$4.07 For Premium In Chicago!

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This image was lost some time after publication.

It's now officially here — it's over $4.00 per gallon for premium gas in the Midwest. Here's the report from our tip from a fellow Midwesterner:

"Well, I went home for lunch since my office is only 5 minutes away, and when I was on my way back to work I saw the worst thing at the end of my street $4.07 for Premium. It is a sad day indeed, but thankfully I filled up last weekend and I am still on F. I hate the fact that I have to run Premium in my car, but luckily it is only a V6. We may be the first to Pay, but just wait.. everyone else will follow. Attached is the sad image of the culprit of the BP Gas station at Division & Noble in Chicago."


We hear it's even worse at the BP on Central Ave & Northwest Hwy — it's $4.18 a gallon there.

More gas prices [internal]

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$2.99/gal in E. TN, you may be able to cut a few cents off that if you shop around. I saw a place showing $2.79 yesterday, but I think the guy putting the numbers up may be dyslexic.

Every station around here was $3.09 just last week, what happened? Did some insurgent holding a tanker hostage get capped?