NY Daily News: A Jersey Gas Tax Hike Could Lead Legions Of New Yorkers To Never Again Visit Garden State

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Everyone knows the only reason to go to Jersey is for the access to cheap gas and the access to on- and off-ramps. Every other reason gets lost like I do navigating the byzantine maze of cement and rebar that is the "Garden State." For serious, if it weren't for the cheap gas there's just about no reason I'd go there, because I seem to find a way to end up on some no-name no-streetlight alley in downtown Newark every time I'm driving through Jersey. And I'm apparently not the only one who feels strongly about the gas-as-tourist-attraction — a reader quoted today in the New York Daily News echoed my sentiment when she was asked about her feelings on a proposed gas tax hike by Jersey Governor Jon "Seatbelt" Corzine to pay for road enhancements. The Brooklyn-ite reader, Sandra Burroughs, says it best: "Don't raise the prices! If so, we're not coming back!" There you have it Corzine — you've now been officially warned.

Jersey? Fuhgeddaboudit if gas tax hiked - N.Y.ers [NY Daily News]

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