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A Limo With A Trunk-Mounted Stripper Pole Crashed Into A Creek

The Kentucky owner has started a GoFundMe campaign to cover the impound fees

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Brenda Mason / Facebook

Personally, I had a pretty quiet New Year’s Eve. I stayed up past midnight but spent the entire night at home. I can confirm that I was not involved in a crash that left a limousine in a creek. I cannot imagine waking up in a hungover stupor on January 1st having the realization set in that you walked home because your designated driver crashed their limo and just left it at the scene.


Drivers in Bourbon County, Kentucky were in for a strange sight on the first day of the new year. A limo with a stripper pole mounted on the trunk was spotted beached on a slope, in a small creek, and completely abandoned. Hours after the limo left the road, the incident was reported to the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Department.

The police impounded the strange vehicle, and its owner opened a GoFundMe page to regain possession of the limo. On the page, owner Troy Jones states, “Want to apologize for my car being placed somewhere it should’ve never been.” This is an apology that completely omits any information that could even hint at how the limousine ended up in its predicament. So far, only $100 has been contributed towards the $5,500 goal. Don’t give this person your money.


Now back to the externally-mounted stripper pole, how could it possibly be used? The vehicles used by most limousine services equipped with vertical poles are elongated SUVs with the pole mounted internally. I have to assume that limo must be stationary for a performer to use the precariously placed attachment. Though, I know people stupid enough to try and put someone on the trunk top as the limo rolls down a road.

The vehicle’s owner claims that the pole is meant for flags, but that’s highly unlikely. The pole’s height and diameter, as well as the visibly reinforced trunk lid and mounted lights, scream pole for strippers. I know it might be embarrassing that it has become public knowledge that you own this limousine, but you made the mistake of crashing it into a creek.