Four Dallas police cars and eight Dallas Marshal’s Office cars were damaged early Sunday after a man armed with a sledgehammer gained access to a station lot and came out swinging.

The man was identified as Gregory Simpson, 51, according to The Dallas Morning News. Simpson was confronted and arrested at the scene and charged with criminal mischief.


The attack unfolded around 5:20 a.m. Sunday, and left the cars with around $4,900 in damage, mostly to windshields.

The suspect’s motive isn’t clear, though the Dallas Police Association, which represents officers on the force, took the opportunity to make a point about how they feel the city isn’t protecting them enough. They also shared some photos of the aftermath.

We agree, cops. Ban sledgehammers.

The casualties in the photos appear to be a Chevy Tahoe and a Dodge Charger; no word on what the other 10 were. The cars are down but—likely sooner rather than later—not out.

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